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 Mass Health                                                              Unicare
                    And many other commercial HMO, PPO Plans   
     Please call your Insurance provider to have one of our doctor's that you have choosen or The Group, Harding Pediatrics listed as your childs provider. 

Umass Memorial Medical Center
​St. Vincent's Medical Center

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508-756-2020 ext 105
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* We are very understanding to the economic changes, health care reforms, and financial struggles parents go through.  Numerous office visits during a terrible cold season, and high deductibles can certainly cause a financial strain.  We try to work with parents if they are experiencing difficulty with their insurance, or if they have a balance with the office.  We have payment plans available and are happy to work out an agreement should your child need to be seen while insurance is inactive, if there is a lapse in coverage, or if you have a high deductible policy.  


*  Visits to a specialist may require a referral.  If so we require:  SPECIALIST NAME, NPI NUMBER, DATE OF VISIT, REASON FOR VISIT.
*  We understand some appointments are urgent.  We will do our best to process the referral in a timely manner
*  Referral questions:  508-756-2020 ext. 108
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