About Us

Harding Pediatrics was established more than 40 years ago, by Dr. John Harding in a small apartment in Shrewsbury.  In 1982, the practice moved to Lincoln St. in Worcester.

In 2002, we opened our own medical facility on Oak Ave.  We have grown from a solo practice in the 1970's to five doctors. 

Our doctors strongly believe in breast feeding, immunizations and over all health, safety & development of every child.

Dr's Ian Harding (Owner) & John Harding ( Founder - Retired)

Management Team
  1. Arlanna Colonies
    Practice Manager Handles technology integration, Quality Measures, operational and logistic duties.
  2. Mickey Valentin
    Accounts Manager Handles claims, billing, insurance verification and general office management.
  3. Tracy Harding
    Business Manager Handles business essentials, benefits and general office management
Front Office Team
  1. Managing Director
    Referral Coordinator
  2. Managing Director
    Abby, MA
    Front Desk Coordinator, Medical Assistant
Clinical Support Team
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
    Lead MA
  4. Managing Director

What makes our team so special??

  THE NURSES assist the doctors with splints and sutures, do ear piercing, offer advice, aid and provide comfort to parents and patients both in the exam room and on the phone. 
    Crystal has been a comfort to parents & patients for over 10 years.  She primarily assists Dr.'s Harding, Hughes & Feudo.
     Stacy was welcomed into our family in 2016, she has a smile for everyone that she comes in contact with.  Stacy assists Dr.'s Pacella and Rincon. 
  THE MEDICAL ASSISTANTS each work exclusively with one of our doctors.  This team approach promotes efficient and effective care by increasing familiarity between the doctor and the MA, and between the MA and the patient.  Thus resulting in a more comfortable experience for our patients.  Amanda is our Lead MA and has been a part of our team for close to 10 years.  Meara was a welcome addition to the team in 2017.  Together they keep the back running smoothly.
Abby & Chris are an unmatched front desk team.  They treat every person coming through our doors like a member of the family.  Chris can help you with referrals or insurance issues.  She has been bringing smiles and cuddling babies here for close to 5 years.  Abby while still assisting doctors as an MA on occassion, has moved to take over the front desk (check-in) operations.  She greets families and has been well loved by all for more than 10 years.